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Included: 96 One Hitter Kards : 24 Styles / 4 of Each 
$4.25 Per Card | MSRP $9.99 

Cards come with a plastic hanger hook already attached for easy hanging

Display: $65 ( Free shipping on Display) Increase in price due to supply chain 
Free Display Sign Included
    • Features 4 independently rotating tiers of 6 hooks each
    • (24 Total Hooks), adjustable tier-support clamps, sign header holder, 16" diameter plastic base and steel tubes
    • 6.25" long hooks are 10.5" apart
    • Overall Dimensions: 65"H x 21.25" spinning diameter; 16" x 16" base footprint
    • The Floor location gives great visibility, easy access and enables an impulse buy. A unique and fun way to make a customer's day! Add this in an area you need to fill space or in a high traffic area.
Choose what category of cards you would like to fill in the display. We will arrange your order by your interest or just click TOP SELLERS! Please leave a note in the comment section for any desired styles.
CANADA: Spinner racks CAN ship to CA: $20 extra shipping cost will be sent via electronic invoice after order is confirmed 
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